People around a bonfire


1. Put your left foot in the stir up. It all starts there.
2. Quit when it’s done, not when you’re tired.
3. Laugh at yourself
4. Hang out with people who inspire you
5. Quit making excuses why you can’t
6. Don’t talk about it. Do it.


We all know to be a cowboy you have to be courageous, your gonna have to work damn hard, even when you don’t feel like it. The same goes for all of us here at Cowboys & Angels. This brand was founded by a Cowboy in his own rights.

A man who at a very young age lost his sight due to a progressive disease. And yet he still puts his left foot in the stirrup every day, to persevere, to push through and to do his best at this thing called life.

You will find him and his friends & family most Friday nights unwinding at the fire, beer in hand and country music blasting.

We truly hope that you too can find your little slice of heaven and your inner cowboy or angel.

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